Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes

images (12)Do you ever click on your spam section? I do, because sometimes, I feel bad for all those ‘deceased’ email marketing campaigns that were targeted to me but ended up in the dark pit of losers called ‘spam’.

Let me get one thing straight, marketing emails are not like sperms, I mean… it’s not like only one in the million succeeds to reach one’s inbox! Every email sent can not only reach the inbox safely, but can also prompt the user to buy your proposition only if you’ve planned and designed it fittingly.

There’s a lot that goes into the making of an email, which includes the working hours of a copywriter, designer, coder, etc. Therefore, it’s a pity if it gets trashed without even getting noticed! So here are some common email marketing mistakes, which you should avoid to make the maximum out of your email marketing campaign.

  • Not Optimizing Email for every Device
  • Creating an Entirely Image Based Email
  • Forgetting to include a Call To Action


Email Marketing Basics – 7 Keys to Success

emailAt a cost of just pennies per send, email is still one of the best marketing values around. But for many marketers, the amount of information available on this topic can be overwhelming – and sometimes even paralyzing.

Maybe your organization is just getting started with email marketing. Or, perhaps you’re an experienced email marketer looking to boost results. Either way, getting these seven keys for success right will put you on the path to email marketing success.

Keep it Simple

Sure, you can spend hundreds of dollars on fancy email template design and rack your brain for creative subject lines – but it’s probably not money or time well spent. Most email marketing services offer customizable, ready-to-use templates that provide a clean, polished look. And when it comes to subject lines, research proves that clear, direct subject lines consistently outperform cute and creative ones.

Build Your List

It’s simple math: subscribers x response rate = results. And while it can be difficult to generate a massive uptick in your response rate, it’s fairly simple to grow your email list by offering a good sign up incentive such as a valuable white paper, report or coupon and promoting your list in every way possible including email footers, web pages, conferences, trade shows and social media.

Offer Value

Whether it’s important information, a shopping discount code or even a laugh, be sure each email you send offers something of value to your readers. If your subscribers aren’t benefiting from your emails, they’ll be sure to tune you out.

Stay on the Radar (Within Reason)

If you maintain an email marketing list, be sure to use it at least once a month. If too much time goes by between emails, subscribers may forget who you are or why they signed up for your list. On the flip side, if you’re sending more than once or twice a week, your subscribers may opt out as the annoyance factor rises.

Make it Personal

Typically, an email from a person performs slightly better than an email from a business. For example, an email from “Santa Claus” would be better than an email from “The Up North Toy Factory”.


Email marketers often ask questions like “What subject line is best?” and “What is the best time of day to send?” The answer: it depends. What works well for one list may not work well for yours, so most email programs offer something called an A/B split. This tool divides your list into two groups so you can test various factors, such as the best day of the week to send or the best subject line. Just remember to test one factor at a time and keep an eye on your results. When done consistently, testing will lead to the constant improvement of your email marketing efforts.

Know Your Goals

Once you know your email marketing goals, you’ll be better able to tailor the content of your emails. For example, if you want to increase brand engagement you might offer polls or incentives for following your company on Facebook. If you want to generate new leads for a software program, send out an invitation to download a white paper on a related topic. Perhaps most importantly, setting goals will help you determine the results of your email marketing program and pave the way for future success.

Trends and Future of Email Marketing

future-of-email-copy-copy1As another year comes to an end it’s about time we answered these questions: “What are the trends of e-mail marketing in 2014?”. Are we supposed to expect any changes in the upcoming year? What is the future of email marketing?

The evolution of technology is constantly changing the way people around the world connect to the Internet. Computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones have changed the way email marketing campaigns are being executed nowadays. Therefore, these changes have given new opportunities for digital marketers.

It’s difficult to guess what the new year will bring for email marketing, however we are able to predict some trends that will be important in the upcoming year. Have a look below:

Automatic campaigns

We can clearly notice that more and more marketers decide to send automated campaigns, such as birthday wishes, or occasional promotions, taking advantage of shares and likes of social channels. Auto campaign makes the job of many professionals much easier, so that they can focus on different things within the company. But, there is a basic automation that is not yet fully used by marketers and it’s called: “welcome campaign”.

Therefore, in 2014 we will probably see the rise of automatic campaigns as a fast way of communicating with clients and gaining likes/shares.

Templates for portable devices

The number of portable devices is constantly growing. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have templates designed especially for portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones that can be used to send email marketing campaigns. This way you will certainly make your job easier, especially when you are not able to use your computer to send an e-mail campaign and need to do it via ex. a mobile phone. When it comes to deal with e-mail marketing campaigns, make sure that you do not forget about another important factor, which is: interesting content.


Marketers all over the world need to be more flexible in terms of how their communications are delivered across different channels. It means that not only the design of an email marketing campaign is important but also the way it is delivered and presented to the recipients. Therefore, appropriate design is becoming more and more important in the virtual world and it is crucial nowadays to give participants the best possible experience and encourage them to convert.

The importance of Social Media

One of the biggest dilemma of many marketers is: how to create a content that will encourage its readers to share or/and like the article. We presume that in 2014 a big part of the email marketing world will concentrate on smart and personalized content that will encourage openings, shares and likes. We know that unique information as well as product reviews and discounts have high chances to be shared rather than ordinary newsletters.

Email marketing campaigns give a chance to get closer to customers on the condition that they are carried out correctly. To improve the relationship between your company and your customers, we recommend that you get familiar with the above tips. Encourage your recipients to share the campaign content on Social Networks. Also, target and customize your communications according to the target audience and do not forget to analyze the results at the end of every campaign.